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FinTech Foresights: Vol. 2 My Research Items

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Publish date: 17 May, 2017
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At LTP, we have always been fascinated by the way technologies like Internet of Things are shaping up the modern financial services landscape. Being known for reporting the leading indicators in terms of industry trends and insights, we have had a knack of identifying the near future trends well in advance through our in-depth analysis and thought leadership in the financial technology space. As the second edition of our newest research segment FinTech Foresights, we bring to you an in-depth analysis of IoT, in the context of financial services.

In this report, we deep dive into the potential of IoT in solving the major problems faced by the financial institutions. With a vision for the future, we discuss in detail about opportunities and challenges of IoT in FInServ, security concerns, emerging business models, key success stories and some exciting use cases. Through this report, we give you a holistic view of the future of financial services, powered by IoT.